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Healthy snacks that won’t leave you starving 20 minutes later

How often do you eat a ‘healthy snack’ and are left raiding the pantry 20 minutes later? Quite often? You’re not alone!

This generally happens because the snacks you are choosing are extremely low calorie and/or low fibre, so you don’t feel full for very long and don’t have the energy you need.

What are some filling, healthy snacks?

Check out our list of filling snack combinations below:

These are definitely more substantial snacks, not a meal, but more than a single 90 calorie banana. Why? Because we find personally, and with our clients, that if you have just a single yoghurt tub, piece of fruit, or slice of toast on their OWN, you don’t feel satisfied or full and end up going back again and again for more. This grazing style of eating generally means you end up eating more than you needed.
Whereas if you started with a substantial snack (a source of carbs, protein, fat and veggies/fruit) you would feel full and satisfied straight away, no need to continue grazing. (Unless you’re truly very hungry and misplaced your need for a snack, as really needing a main meal)

The portion sizes for the snacks in the infographic are below: (~250 cal each)
(portion sizes can change depending on your individual needs, but it gives you an idea for the average adult)

1. 170g high protein yoghurt like Chobani fit, 20g mixed nuts and seeds, 1 cup berries
2. 1 slice of wholegrain bread, 20g peanut butter, 1 banana
3. 3 Vita-weat’s, 1 small tin of tuna, 20g of hummus, 1/2 cucumber
4. 1 cup of air-popped popcorn, 25g or 1 small packet of roasted chickpeas and 20g of chocolate chips


Written by our in house Nutritionist.

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9318 3455 or come visit us in-store.

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