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Fusion Sinusitis


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Fusion Sinusitis features xanthium to relieve symptoms of sinusitis such as sinus pain, nasal congestion and a runny nose, based on traditional use in Chinese medicine. It also contains white angelica, traditionally used to clear the nasal passages and relieve sinus pain in Chinese medicine.

Features and benefits

  • Fusion Sinusitis is a blend of five Chinese herbs, including xanthium, white angelica, magnolia flower, Asian wild mint and houttuynia
  • Xanthium is traditionally used to relieve sinusitis symptoms including sinus pain, nasal congestion and a runny nose in Chinese medicine
  • Xanthium is also traditionally taken in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to reduce excess nasal mucus and relieve post-nasal drip
  • In TCM, white angelica is traditionally taken to relieve symptoms of sinusitis, including sinus congestion
  • White angelica is also traditionally used to clear the nasal passages and relieve sinus pain in Chinese medicine

How it works

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a condition where the nasal sinuses (the hollow cavities in the skull within the cheeks and behind the nose) become inflamed or blocked. This could be due to a bacterial infection that occurs as a result of having a common cold, or may be caused by allergies like hayfever (also known as allergic rhinitis.1

Xanthium: sinus relief from traditional Chinese medicine

Fusion Sinusitis is based on a TCM herbal formula called Cang Er Zi San, which has hundreds of years of traditional use for sinusitis symptom relief. Xanthium is considered the ‘Emperor’ or ‘hero’ herb in this TCM formula due to its traditional use for easing sinusitis symptoms including sinus pain, nasal congestion and a runny nose.

Xanthium is also traditionally used in Chinese medicine to decrease excess mucus and relieve post-nasal drip.

Are you a hayfever sufferer? Many people who experience hayfever also experience sinusitis from time to time.1 In addition to its traditional uses for relieving sinusitis symptoms, xanthium is traditionally taken in Chinese medicine to relieve hayfever symptoms.

White angelica: traditionally used to clear the nasal passages in TCM

White angelica is another primary herb in the Cang Er Zi San formula. It’s traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help relieve symptoms of sinusitis including sinus congestion and pain, and to unblock the nasal cavity.

Plus more herbs!

Fusion Sinusitis also contains the herb houttuynia, plus other ingredients from the well-known Cang Er Zi Sanformula including magnolia flower and Asian wild mint.


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Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.

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