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Switch Nutrition WPI Team Recommendation

Switch Nutrition WPI

As a nutritionist and avid athlete, I’m excited to recommend Switch Nutrition WPI in Milk Chocolate flavour. This protein powder offers a purer form of protein with higher protein per gram and fewer carbs, lactose, and fat compared to other options. The lower lactose content makes it easier for digestion, especially with added digestive enzymes in the formula.

Timing is crucial when it comes to protein intake. While it’s commonly suggested to consume protein powder within an hour of working out to maximise muscle repair, the total protein intake throughout the day is equally important.

I compete in Pro Running so my week usually consists of 2x Track running sessions, 2-3 gym sessions, and I compete most weekends in the Pro Running meets. Therefore, it is essential I get enough protein to help repair the muscle. I take Switch WPI almost every day, particularly after most training sessions and when competing. I keep it simple with 1 scoop of Switch WPI in 600ml of cold water. If you like a stronger flavour, use less water.

Switch Nutrition takes pride in offering clean products free from harmful chemicals, artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners. As an Australian company, they prioritise quality and purity in their formulations. With Switch WPI, you can fuel your performance and recovery with confidence.

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