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Meet our amazing team of staff members consisting of experienced nutrition enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, and wellness advocates - all united by their dedication to helping you live your best life. From their genuine smiles to their extensive product knowledge, our team's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and support sets us apart as a trusted source for all your health needs.

Caleb Mayberry

Personal Trainer

I’m passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and have a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and Certifications in Personal Training (Cert 3 & 4). I train clients at Snap Fitness Footscray. My fitness journey began at 15, and since then, I’ve been obsessed with researching everything about exercise, proper form, and supplements.

Sam Sae-Sue

Resident Jujitsu Master
Side-Hussle: Illustrator

Ash Carmichael

Strength & Conditioning Coach

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science, along with a Post Graduate in Strength and Conditioning. Currently, I work as a Personal Trainer at Genesis Maidstone, helping people achieve their fitness goals. On top of that, I’m also involved in the world of football, specifically the VFL.

Nicola Sokol

Cert IV in Fitness
Side Hussle: ICN Competitor

When I’m not helping others with their health goals, you can find me competing at ICN in the Bikini category. I’m a total caffeine addict and I absolutely love sushi, fishbowl, and yo-chi. I’m also a proud dog mom to Nala, a mini groodle.

Cait Ferrell

Store & Marketing Manager

I have a strong background in the health food industry, with a decade of experience in health food specialty stores. My studies in marketing and design, bring a unique perspective to my role. I have a super active Kelpie x Lab called Bento who loves to keep me out and about walking the Maribyrnong.

Aaron Ducret

Resident Gamer and G-Fuel Expert
Side-Hussle: Streamer & Content Creator

As someone who never had even thought about health and fitness before, stepping into Thrive opened the world up. Gamers tend to live rather sedentary lives, but that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more people are finding that pushing themselves in competitive gaming environments is surprisingly strenuous on the body. My area of focus is helping people who are less certain of their place in the world of health, find their comfort area and not feel discouraged by approaching it for self-interest, and to assist in areas not typically associated with gym, and general health.

Issy Morgan

Nutritionist & Store Manager
Side-hussle: Competitive Sprinter

Hello! I am the Store Manager and Nutritionist BHSc of Thrive in Keilor Central (Coming Soon!). My side hobby is keeping active either by going to gym or playing sport. I grew up playing netball and currently compete in the Victorian Athletics League. I LOVE food and have a passion for all things fitness. I’ll be sure to help you out with any nutritional needs, either for general health and well-being, or sports related.

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