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What is a Mass Gainer?

Different types of protein supplements such as mass gainers, whey protein blends, or whey protein isolates have different chemical compositions and will affect the body differently. Mass gainers consist of both protein alongside fats and carbohydrates. This allows the user to increase their caloric intake with the goal of growing muscle mass. Putting on a decent amount of natural muscle mass takes consistency, dedication, and a little help from some high-quality supplements.

How do I know which one to buy?
When deciding which mass gainer is going to be best for you, look no further than the back of the packet. It is important to check the carbohydrate/fat to protein ratio to ensure it meets your needs. Higher carbohydrate/fat ratios will result in faster weight gains; a higher protein ratio will ensure leaner muscle gains. It’s also important to look at the carbohydrate sources. BSN True-Mass 1200 uses whole oat flour which not only provides a whole food source of carbohydrates, but it’s also fantastic for heart health.

Mass gainer supplements are designed to be taken in conjunction with a rigorous gym regime, recovery is also essential. Your mass gainer should contain at least 25g of essential amino acids to ensure you are feeding your muscles what they need for good recovery. BSN True-Mass 1200 contains 25g of essential amino acids along with 12g of branched chain amino acids. These are sourced from whey protein which has excellent bioavailability and is vital for muscle growth and repair.

And lastly, you can’t forget taste! The taste and texture of a mass gainer is very important as the serving sizes are large, and you’ll need to be using your supplement once or twice per day. You don’t want something that tastes poor or mixes badly.

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